Public Relations

In both peace and war, public relations (PR) practice is responsible for creating and maintaining mutual understanding between the ZNA and its publics.   It is also responsible for disseminating information of military activities in order to highlight Army achievements. Furthermore, it promotes public appreciation of ZNA capabilities and limitations. Specific roles of Army Public Relations include the following:


  •          Formulation of Army PR strategies.
  •          Playing a PR advisory role to Commanders at all levels.
  •          Mouthpiece of the Army.
  •          Handling complaints from both internal and external publics.
  •          Production of Army PR publications.
  •          Planning and executing all Army PR exhibitions and shows.
  •          Conducting Army career guidance in conjunction with Careers Department.
  •          Holding press receptions, conferences and seminars.
  •          Carrying out facility visits for internal and external publics.
  •          Carrying out research and ZNA image promotion programs.
  •          Organising ZNA Charities sponsorship publicity campaigns.
  •          Promoting and maintaining press relations.
  •          Promoting community assistance projects throughout the Army.
  •          Keeping Army history (Archives).


Public Exhibitions and Shows: The Zimbabwe National Army exhibits at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), the Harare Agricultural Show, Sanganani/Hlanganani, all Provincial shows and at some selected District shows.   Exhibitions are also carried out at schools, colleges and universities upon request by those institutions on their respective career guidance days.


Career Guidance: Career guidance seeks to inform and educate potential recruits on career opportunities in the ZNA.


Media Research/Image Survey: Media research conducted by Army Public Relations is aimed at providing answers to activities and image of the Army.

Sports: Sporting activities in the Army enhance community relations through inter-personal interaction and communication among participants.